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Latest 28 MHz. Beacon Spots
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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

AC7GZ28.211WA4AMG229 into S Fla EL97UF QSB18:57:002014-09-20
PT2SSB28.210WA4AMG439 into S Fla EL97uf with QSB18:52:002014-09-20
PY2WFG28.2032WA4AMG329 Chirp into S Fla EL97uf with QSB18:45:002014-09-20
K7PO28.297.65K3BAK549 into SWPA18:06:002014-09-19
WA6APQ28.243.95K3BAK559 into SWPA17:57:002014-09-19
AC7GZ28.211.8K3BAK569 into SWPA17:54:002014-09-19
XE2O28.165.75K3BAK559 into SWPA17:50:002014-09-19
K6FRC28.249.90K3BAK549 into SWPA17:45:002014-09-19
WA7LNW28.287.85K3BAK559 in SWPA17:31:002014-09-19
WA6APQ28.244WA4AMG439 into S Fla EL97uf with QSB15:27:002014-09-18
NV7LV28.2295WA4AMG329 into S Fla EL97uf with QSB15:23:002014-09-18
N7MA28.2165WA4AMG439 into S Fla EL97uf15:18:002014-09-18
LU2DT28.1895 WA4AMG329 into S Fla EL97uf with QSB15:12:002014-09-18
XE1RCS28.183WA4AMG599C in S Fla EL97uf Stronger than yesterday but chirp prominent18:38:002014-09-17
IZ1EPM28.173WA4AMGRST 339 into Se Fla. RL97uf Weak with QSB.15:32:002014-09-17
LU5FB28.197WA4AMG439 into S Fla EL97uf13:01:002014-09-17
XE1RCS28.183WA4AMG569 into S Fla EL97uf13:24:002014-09-16
N7MA28.2165WA4AMG569 inti SE Fla Some QSB18:36:002014-09-15
YV5LIX28.215WA4AMG589 into SE Fla18:31:002014-09-15
PT2SSB28.210WA4AMG559 on peaks into SE Fla. Bad QSB18:25:002014-09-15
VE7MTY28.197WA4AMGWeak with QSB. RST 339 into se fla.18:15:002014-09-15
YM7TEN28.225PD9BG579 in JO2117:05:002014-09-15
KA2LIM28.2293PD9BG579 in JO2117:03:002014-09-15
5B4CY28.2191PD9BG579 in JO2116:33:002014-09-15
YM7KK28.221PD9BG579 IN JO2116:30:002014-09-15
aEkAvBVUYsbEAAhjvtjirEmTFFPMGoFVjZuGRiEm5u vvdjwqcujmum, [url=http://nyodrrmgavoj.com/]nyodrrmgavoj[/url], [li14:29:002014-09-15
KD5ckp28.215Va7pl549 only signal heard while mobile in Kelowna BC Only beacon heard lately18:58:002014-09-13
WA6APQ28.244W5BUB459 into Arkansas, EM25to00:20:402014-09-12
nm0v28206w0wf559 int0 St Charles mo01:35:002014-09-08
K5GJR28.244W5BUB459 into Arkansas, EM25to16:54:002014-09-07
KC4TM/B28.231KC4TMCurrently QRT / THIS IS A TEST POST21:13:002014-09-05