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Latest 28 MHz. Beacon Spots

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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

yv5lix28.214.7aa4W5/7 to NE FLA EL9916:53:002014-04-21
VA7PL28.238.41WB3Y319 Very weak into E PA01:24:002014-04-19
XE3B28.2147WB3Y129 weak w/QSB into E PA21:29:002014-04-18
NM0V28.2067WB3Y239 weak w/ qsb 21:21:002014-04-18
WJ5O28.2893K1SCN579 in DM0817:39:002014-04-16
K4JEE28.2545K1SCN579 in DM0817:38:002014-04-16
KJ4QYB20.2125K1SCN579 in DM0817:37:002014-04-16
K5ARC28.211K1SCN539 in DM08 w/chirp17:37:002014-04-16
LU2ERC28.193PD9BG529 into JO2114:00:002014-04-16
PY2WFG28.203.2PD9BG529 into JO2113:45:002014-04-16
PT2SSB28.210PD9BG539 into JO2113:25:002014-04-16
5B4CY28.220PD9BG589 in JO2113:00:002014-04-16
N1ME28,247W5BUB359 into Western Arkansas EM2520:20:002014-04-15
YV5LIX28.215W5BUB579 into EM25 (Arkansas)20:15:002014-04-15
YV5LIX28.215W5BUB579 into EM25 (Arkansas)20:15:002014-04-15
PT2SSB28.210W5BUB459 EM25(ARKANSAS)23:10:002014-04-14
AC4DJ28.273W5BUB549 EM25 (ARKANSAS)23:08:002014-04-14
WA4ROX28.285W5BUB569 with chirp, EM25 (Arkansas)23:06:002014-04-14