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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

VA3SRC28.185 WA4AMG599 into S Fla EL97uf20:43:002014-11-21
VE2REA28.184 WA4AMG569 inti SE Fla Some QSB20:41:002014-11-21
XE1RCS28.183 WA4AMG569 inti SE Fla Some QSB20:38:002014-11-21
VA3KAH28.172 WA4AMG599 into S Fla EL97uf18:53:002014-11-21
XE2O28.166WA4AMG579 into S Fla EL97UF17:09:002014-11-21
K5WDB28.248N4NCTSan Antonio, TX into Durham, NC 599+21:28:002014-11-18
VE4ARM28.193N4NCTBRANDON, MB into Durham, NC 599+ 19:34:002014-11-18
VE7MTY28.197N4NCTPITT MEADOWS, BC into Durham, NC 599 19:32:002014-11-18
KP3FT28.222N4NCTPonce, PR 599+ signal into Durham, NC 19:25:002014-11-18
WA6APQ28.244N4NCTLong Beach, CA 599 into Durham, NC19:16:002014-11-18
PY4MAB28.273N4NCT559 into Durham, NC19:07:002014-11-18
N0HF28.282N4NCT599 signal into Durham, NC18:58:002014-11-18
W0ILO28.286N4NCT559 signal into Durham, NC18:56:002014-11-18
K6FRC28.300N4NCT599+ Signal into Durham, NC18:53:002014-11-18
K5GJR28.224N4NCT599 Signal Into Durham, NC18:51:002014-11-18
W0KIZ28.236N4NCT599 into Durham, NC18:50:002014-11-18
K7EK28.250N4NCT579 Signal Into Durham, NC18:48:002014-11-18
B28.280N4NCT599+ Into Durham, NC18:45:002014-11-18